Monday, July 6, 2015

Elvis Fishly

I am in the process of compiling all my journals in one place and ran across this entry. I just had to post it.

From February 2007

Our school day started off well, but Mary finds it harder to get her work done on the day's that Bill is home. I sent the two of them off to bowl a couple games and I ran a couple errands with Debbie.

When they got home from bowling there wasn't too much work done. We did run to the library and return some books. Mary was flipping through the DVD's they have to check out and found an
Elvis movie.

You wouldn't believe how happy she was!

 Mary is crazy for Elvis!

 Last week we bought a CD of his music and she's been listening to it whenever she gets a chance. When she heard he had actually made movies she was thrilled!

Now she knows that he is no longer here with us, but that doesn't matter. She proclaims to whoever will listen that he is her favorite singer!

She named her fish Elvis Fishly.

It was a beta fish.
While she and I were in Orlando last time, I received the bad news from Bill that Elvis
 Fishly had died. I wanted to break the news to her gently, but you know how that goes.

The time never seems to be right.

 We were driving home and I told her, "I have some bad news for
 you, baby."

 She looked at me questioningly.

 I said, "Elvis died."

 Still looking at me she says, " I know that! He died a long time ago!"

 Then I had to tell her, "No, Elvis, your fish, died."

 Poor baby.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Have a Job!

My last post here was about my training and guess what?

I’m finished training and I start working on Monday!

This both excites me and terrifies me at the same time.

But that’s okay.

It was a LONG 6 weeks trying to take it all in and thinking I have to remember everything. Taking notes furiously while trying to follow along and retain what I was hearing and seeing.

I think I did pretty well, though.

My stage fright of going on the microphone to participate in class was debilitating at first, but I kicked my own butt and just did it.

And managed to have only one burst of uncontrollable tears that I had to apologize profusely for to my peers.

Oh, and that one time I forgot to mute my microphone and cursed. (face slap)

I think they forgave me.

Tomorrow I have to practice signing into all the systems necessary, but Monday morning I will be answering calls!

So, if anyone reading this lives in the Boston area and you call Comcast, you might get me!

(God help you.)


Oh! And as I was scrolling through my blog, I see there are pictures missing. I have no idea why. Just pretend they are there.



Thursday, May 14, 2015

And off to work we go

So you know I’ve tried a lot of different ways to make money. Taking a traditional job isn’t easy. I can’t stand for long periods of time, so Wal-Mart or other cashier type jobs really aren’t good for me. I can’t get into an office for anything but maybe reception, but that would be difficult also. In my 50’s now and I get the ‘age’ thing, and I even sometimes got the ‘you’re over qualified’ thing. I can’t get an accounting job because I don’t know the computer systems they use and it’s really pointless, I think, to go to school to learn the systems, which would take a lot of time and more money than I can afford. Because I don’t have a job. I can’t pay for that.


One day a lady in our neighborhood posted a job opportunity for working at home so I gave her a call to see what it was all about. I don’t want to be trapped in a scam, and since she lives just two streets away, I wanted to talk to her about it.

She was very nice and seemed very forthright, so I took the info she gave me and did my research.

Long story, short; I am now in training, in my home, to be a Customer Service Rep for Comcast!

I know. I know. Comcast, right?

I am an independent contractor with a company who contracts to Comcast and many, many other big companies wanting to bring their customer service back to the United States because, well, we all know about getting THAT person on the phone.

I’ve been a Comcast customer for years and years and know for myself. And I’ve had issues, BIG issues with them in the past, but, hey, if nothing else, it’s pretty good job security, huh? There will be no shortage of calls being routed to me.

The training is going well so far. I have 6 weeks of class every day from 9 to 2 and homework. After my training finishes and I start taking calls I will have the option to choose the hours I want to work in half-hour increments, any time I want, as long as I fulfill the required hours needed that I am responsible for answering.

I have to admit the first week was wrought with stress and frustration. Lots of technical issues that are sometimes resolved and then the next day they are not again. There are several systems I have to get into for training and there will be more systems to get into when I’m actually taking calls and if they don’t fire up when they are supposed to I get just.a.little.frustrated.

I’m learning to live with those issues and working around them, but it doesn’t make them less frustrating.

Some times I have no sound

.No sound

This is not good when I’m trying to watch a video, or listen to a power-point presentation. More often than not, there is a Closed Caption option and I pull that up and type and type and type the information.

Been getting a lot of refresher typing practice.

My fingers hurt.

Although, that is an option, it isn’t what I prefer.

It often makes me feel like this, and I have to get up and leave the room.

screaming at computer

Once in class and systems are running I am okay.

I’m doing pretty well with class and I have tons of notes and am learning a lot. With all the information available to Customer Service people with Comcast, I am truly amazed and disheartened to have gotten such bad service in the past.

So we shall see how this goes. I’m pretty optimistic. Or I’m delusional. I don’t know.

Don’t worry. I only know a few people who live in the area I will be getting calls from, and that won’t happen until the middle of June.

In the meantime, I need to practice,

“Thank you for calling Comcast! This is Deanna! How may I help you!”

Go ahead, yell at me.

I can take it.