Friday, April 17, 2015

So, How Many Miles Has He Run?

I’m not sure, but it’s a lot.

Bill told me the other day how many miles he’s run since we got him his Tom-Tom watch last Father’s Day. Maybe he’ll comment later on.

This is Bill crossing the finish line after his last 5K (I don’t think it was a 10K.)

He’s got two more races coming up next month, plus one more eye surgery. He’s going to be able to see so well that he sets his sights on a longer race! I have a feeling a half marathon is in his future.

4.11.15 Gulfstream 5K

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Six Year Old’s

Last month we spent some time with my favorite 6 year old, Kenedee.
Kenzee in an outfit we bought her
This is Kenedee in a picture her mom, Daniele, took and I shamelessly stole it from Facebook or a text message.

She’s bouncy and chatty and cute and full of six-year-oldness.

She’s a lot like another little six year old I knew.
Mary & Buddy
This is Mary in 2003 with a huge Lab we had named Buddy.

She was bouncy and chatty and cute and full of six-year-oldness.

She loved Care Bears and big yellow Labs who who bounced around our tiny house at the time and was prone to digging grave size holes in the back yard and chewing electrical conduits that kept our air conditioning running.

Then there was another six year old.

Dayna at Yuma Circle
In 1993 Dayna was the bouncy and chatty and cute and full of six-year-oldness in the house.

Of course, Mary and Dayna will probably not be pleased with these pictures being here, but I do miss those little girl years. I am so fortunate to have a little girl in my life today and so very lucky to have those other two little girls who have grown into beautiful young women.

Next time I need to talk about awesome 8 year old boys… I only know one.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

April in Savannah

The azaleas are blooming all over town, on every street, somewhere in almost everyone’s yard, along with all the trees, booming in light green against the background of pine trees. Spring is finally here, bringing with it a huge increase in sales of antihistamines with colorful names like Flonase and it’s mind-bending advertising: Because 6 is more than 1. Really? Thanks. They can’t keep the stuff on the shelves.
don’t think the warm weather really was ready to stay, though. We would have a few nice days after weeks of cold, then the cold would hit again, some days with a chilling wind that made me flashback to Indianapolis.
The weather was cool, but sunny on March 7th when we headed to the Jacksonville Zoo. It’s a nice little drive, only about 125 miles from here. We could make it in two hours or less if various law enforcement agencies weren’t out on patrol in one county after another.
We were celebrating our neighbor’s birthday, the big 6 this year for Kenzee. Our two families have adopted each other as neither of us are from here and sometimes we get slapped in the face with the realization that We. Are. Just. Not. From. Here.
Mary was elated to go so she could get some good practice with her camera she got for Christmas. She was so excited to snap away at all the animals. Here are a few, just a few of the 1000+ she took in one short afternoon.
(Thank God for the digital age.)
DSCF5318DSCF5331IMG_1433IMG_1527IMG_1616IMG_1980IMG_2156IMG_2247IMG_2256IMG_2270IMG_2346IMG_2349IMG_2366IMG_2387IMG_2419IMG_2444IMG_2563IMG_2672IMG_2755IMG_3273Shoulder transportation
Okay, well, I took that one over there of Mary taking pictures.
The pictures there are all jumbled up. I have had this blog post in the wings for a while and I just want to get it finished. So it’s messy and pretty boring.
The pictures are awesome, though, right???
It’s pretty great having a great photographer providing most of the pictures for the blog.
Thanks, Mary!